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Lantern Roof Offer

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A Lantern Roof installation significantly contributes towards improving the overall appearance of a room by opening it up to a flood of daylight from above. They also improve the look of an exterior with eye-catching traditional style designs or sleek contemporary styles which can be constructed from uPVC or aluminium.

Lantern RoofsRoof Lanterns allow for stunning views of the sky from the comfort of your own home whilst opening up a room to more daylight. They are an ideal feature for a light and spacious conservatory or extension.

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We understand that buying flat roofing is a considered purchase, so why not get an estimate by using our handy price guide tool.

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In the past Roof Lanterns as a structural element for daylighting have been in use for centuries. Before the use of electricity, simple solutions for the lighting of indoor spaces were designed as standard by necessity. Lantern Roofs eventually became commonplace for usage in orangeries for the wintering of citrus trees in colder climates. Modern Rooflights have improved greatly from advances in glazing and sealing technology. Insulated glass and sealants help reduce energy loss and provide a measure of noise reduction in addition to a leak free solution to lighting a room with natural daylight.  In addition to the lighting benefits, modern Rooflights are an aesthetically pleasing feature that enhance the look and feel of your home.

A Different Type of Skylight

Lantern Roofs are distinct from skylights, which are flat ceiling windows that do not effectively maximise the amount of natural light that can fill the room below. They are a built up uPVC or Aluminium framed structure installed into a flat roof with multiple glass panels. Various sizes and design options are available which makes for a distinctive feature for the home or new extension.

Lantern Roof Styles

Britelite Lanterns are designed by our experts to enhance the home both inside and out. They are available in a range of styles to suit different homes. They are available in traditional and classic designs with decorative design details and hardwood effect frames. Rooflights are also available with minimalist aluminium frames for a more modern and contemporary look. The aluminium frame presents clean and modern lines, maximising the proportion of the glass to the frame which allow for more light to pass through into the room below. Whatever your requirements are for a new Lantern Roof installation, Britelite can assist you in making the right choice to suit your home with our variety of materials and size options available.

They are are available in different shapes and styles to suit all homes. Slimline Lanterns are a clean and modern design featuring slim profiles and are perfect for modern and contemporary installations.  The pyramid shape create  an attractive  blend of form and function.  They allow for sunlight to pass from all directions throughout the day. Traditional Styles are available with various detailing and cresting options Available to add a touch of character and flair. They can span wider areas of up to 4m in length. Whatever your tastes and requirements are, Britelite have the right Lantern Roof option perfect for your home.


Lantern Roofs from Britelite are the perfect solution for a traditional orangery, extension or new build. They can be built into an existing flat roof to open up the room below to more natural  light and to give a sense of increased space. A Lantern Roof from Britelite would be the perfect addition for a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. The strength of the structure helps reduce the need for multiple bars  which helps maximise the amount of glass and light that can fill the room below.

Objections / Concerns

Roof Lanterns make for a superb choice for the home of today.  With a broad range of sizes available, there is a Lantern Roof suitable for most homes. In addition to providing your new extension, living room or kitchen with an abundance of natural daylight, they are an attractive centrepiece that truly gives your home a unique and wow factor. In the past glazing in conservatories and roof Lanterns have had the reputation for being inefficient at retaining heat within the home. Being much too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Our energy efficient glass eliminates this issue and helps retain heat within the home in addition to  reflecting the sun's rays during the summer months. With Innovations in glazing technology our glass helps reduce noise pollution meaning that our Lanterns are ideal for a comfortable and peaceful living area even if you live nearby to a busy road noise pollution is kept to a minimum.

A common concern with roof Lanterns are noise levels when it rains. Noise levels from rain hitting the glass can be reduced with effective design. The more glass panes used in a Lantern, the lower the levels of noise from rain.  Additionally, the greater the distance between glass panes, the better the sound insulation will be. Thicker glass panes also help reduce the general noise levels as well as proper sealing of the glass and frame. The costs of a Lantern Roof will depend on the size and materials used in its construction.  They are much lower in cost than fully glazed roofs and significantly quicker and easier to install. Lighting fixtures can also be fixed  inside the home within the area of the Lantern Roof for providing lighting during night time. We would recommend considering whether ventilation is a requirement of the installation. Particularly if the room below is south facing and receives an abundance of direct sunlight through windows or for example if the Lantern Roof is fitted onto a kitchen  where significant steam or heat is generated. Condensation can become an issue and proper ventilation will reduce or eliminate this issue.  If ventilation is a requirement of the installation, Britelite have a variety of options available to allow for adequate ventilation.


Roof Lanterns are fitted onto an upstand or kerb surrounding the aperture. The roof surface material must be carried up the outside of the upstand correctly. In terms of the actual installation of the Lantern Roof, this will be undertaken by one of our experienced installation teams. Britelite design your roof lantern to specification and provide an installation service for those who would prefer the peace of mind of having the whole installation process taken care of for them. They are available in uPVC or Aluminium and are made to measure to your own requirements in various styles and finishes. In uPVC a choice of white or a variety of woodgrain finishes that are available so you can customise the look to match the style of your home.

Aluminium Lanterns lend themselves to a more minimalist look with thinner glazing bars and more glass. Aluminium framed Lanterns are just as energy efficient as uPVC. Aluminium Lanterns tend to cost more than uPVC but both options are versatile and highly customisable. If you are considering a Lantern Roof for your home or extension, you might want to read through the case studies from our previous clients to hear about their experiences with Britelite Lantern Roofs.

Lantern Roofs

We offer a bespoke Lantern Roof service with consultation, design and installation with a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind. We welcome you to come and see the Lantern Roof’s for yourself at one of our lantern showrooms located throughout the SouttnEast. Our expert advisors are happy to show you the Roof Lanterns and guide you through the entire process of design and installation. Alternatively you can contact us by email or phone to request a brochure or to discuss your Lantern Roof design and installation.

Give your extension more light with the Britelite Flat Rooflight

You can create the illusion of a truly open roof space, our minimalistic internal and external sightlines create a modern, sleek appearance and our a stunning addition to any Britelite Flat Roof. Britelite's unique Flat Rooflights have an aluminium external and internal capping with a magnificent structural PVCu core internally. We believe it’s not only the best looking flat rooflight but we believe it’s got the best thermal performance for a double glazed flat rooflight on the market.

Exceptional Performance
  • Offering a 1.3w/m2k Overall U value (Frame and Double Glazing)
  • PVCu structural internal core with amazing thermal properties
  • Weather resistant – 5 degree pitched kerb
  • Insulated kerb upstands (Additional Extra)

So if you want to throw the maximum light in to your home then look no further than the Britelite Flat Rooflight.

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