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Green Roof Offer

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Green Roofing Solutions From Britelite

Green RoofsGreen Roofs look phenomenal in urban areas where garden space is at a premium.

Not only do Green Roof’s look amazing, they are also very energy efficient and when combined with the appropriate insulation, they can offer much needed warmth in the winter while keeping your house cool and airy through the summer months.

Online Quote
We understand that buying flat roofing is a considered purchase, so why not get an estimate by using our handy price guide tool.

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Britelite Green Roofs – What Are The Benefits

Why Do We Need Green Roofs

As the population continues to grow, the necessity to recover natural green space is becoming critical in the fight against poor air quality.

A Green Roof is one such option that can help to reduce the negative impact of urban development.

A high quality Britelite Green Roof can improve drainage, reduce noise and air pollution create a beautiful urban habitat for wildlife and most importantly make you the envy of your neighbours.

This is due to the vegetation on your Green Roof keeping the roof membrane cool and less sensitive to heat and buckling.

If you are looking for a long lasting and beautifully elegant roofing solution, then our Britelite Green Roof is just the solution for you.

Increase Property Value

Built up urban areas are generally lacking in garden facilities, which are often greatly missed by the residents.
A Green Roof offers a practical alternative by creating a modern, natural roof garden.
Green Roofs are widely known to increase the value of your property, while at the same time cleaning the air and bringing exciting new wildlife to your property offering a small-town experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other roofing companies, Britelite’s Green Roofs are very simple to maintain, owing to its patented modular design.
Individual sections of a Britelite Green Roof can be quickly and easily removed either for deep cleaning or replacement due to accidental damage.

Our Modular Green Roofing system is designed in such a way that maintenance can be done without disturbing plants or wildlife and we are so proud of it each of Britelite’s Green Roofing.

Improved Health & Air Quality

As we all know crowded cities are rife with pollution and poor air quality, by installing a modular Britelite Green Roofing system you can actually increase the air quality in and around your home. 

This roofing system is ideal for homes with small children or elderly residence, by giving them a new area to relax and enjoy, clean, fresh air from the comfort of the home.

Natural Sound Proofing

Green roofs help reduce noise from busy inner city traffic and other loud environments. If you live in an urban area where you would like additional peace and quiet, a Green Roof can become your fortress of tranquility.

Customisable Roofing Solutions From Britelite Flat Roofing

 At Britelite Flat Roofing our main aim is to ensure that our clients are 100% happy with their new Green Roofing system.

Owing to this we have introduced a variety of customisation options allowing you to choose from a wide range of seasonal styles and colours.

Want More Info?

If you would like to find out more about our Green Roofing customisation options you can contact us by visiting our contact page here or by calling into one of our six reputable UK showrooms for a personal quotation and a variety of information on choosing the right roofing solution to suit your needs.

I'm Unable To Get To A Showroom

Not a problem, at Britelite Flat Roofing the customer comes first.  If you are interested in our services but for whatever reason cannot make it in store, you can contact our main sales office either by telephone on 0800 50 50 70 or email at:

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